House and Townhouse Gardens
House and Townhouse Gardens

House and townhouse gardens provide endless flexibility when it comes to garden design and style. We’ve outlined our three main garden types with examples of and how you can fit this into your property.

For modular or small space gardens, containers gardens are an affordable way to get growing even if you only have a small sunny area to work with. The other benefit is that if you do move, you can take all your containers with you. In ground gardens offer more versatility and typically a larger area to grow edibles in. Keep in mind your existing soil conditions and the need to add organic matter to ensure a productive garden for many years.

Raised Bed Gardens

Our most popular garden type for homes and townhouses is a raised bed garden, which allow you to get an “instant garden” and grow a bounty of fresh vegetables from day one. With a flat and sunny area, all you need to do is water and harvest.

Our raised beds come in a variety of sizes (4′ x 4′ square, 2′ x 8′ narrow, and 4′ x 8′ wide). Made from western redwood cedar, these boxes are attractive, durable, and can be placed on any flat surface in the garden including decks, and patios. Read more about our raised bed gardens, including who they are for, who they’re not for, advantages of growing in raised beds, and other long term benefits.

Featured Raised Bed Gardens

This backyard garden includes four of our 4’x4′ raised beds arranged in a symmetrical grid pattern. Each bed is focused around one crop type including strawberries, herbs, salad greens, and kale. Balancing the look of the garden is a taller bean teepee placed right in the middle of the beds. This creates a focal point and visual interest for the viewer with the addition of height, texture, and colour of the teepee and beans.

YUF was bought in to bring order and simplicity to this enclosed backyard garden space. To minimize weeding and maximize production, twelve custom sized 3’x4′ raised beds were built to fit neatly into the designated space. Evenly spaced paths with a thick layer of wood mulch provided easy access to the veggies while smothering any weeds that tried to grow outside of the beds.

For an family with active kids, finding the right spot for a garden in a sunny spot but out of the way of the main play area was very important. In the end, a spot on the patio was selected just beside the main play area while still leaving enough room for all types of activities to continue.

For this garden, two of our 4’x8′ raised beds were setup in the shared backyard of three townhouse units. The goal was to choose easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs while also maximizing yields. The three families came together and contributed to tending to the garden and sharing the produce.

This 4’x8′ raised bed garden was setup in the front yard of a home in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto. The garden served as a great conversation starter, focal point for local residents during evening walks, and opportunity for students across the street at the local public school to see urban agriculture first hand.

In this garden, existing raised beds were revitalized with fresh soil, and strengthened structural support. In total, six raised beds were given new life and energy and the family experienced a bounty of tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, and more over the summer months.

Two of our 16″ tall 2’x8′ raised beds were placed along the edge of the property while still allowing plenty of space for pets and people to enjoy the lawn. A bean teepee helps to add visual interest and an interesting design element.

This 2’x8′ raised bed was installed in a front yard in the Wychwood neighbourhood takes advantage of the narrower space in front of the porch and utilizes two trellises and the porch banister for taller climbing plants. Space beside the raised beds can also be utilized for fruit bushes and other perennials.

This North York backyard prominently features six of our raised beds in rectangular geometric pattern. Four 4’x8′ beds along with two 4’x4′ beds allow for access, a striking visual design, and opportunity to grow a bounty of produce for the family.

Container Gardens

Container Gardens are versatile, and allow you to customize the look and feel of your garden using different shapes, colours, textures, and sizes. Mix and match them with our other gardening products to create a unique garden for whatever space you have available. Whether it is a production garden using EarthBoxes, an edible planter theme for your front steps, or a simple pot of herbs for your kitchen, container gardens allow you to try something new every year. Read more about our container gardens, including why we love self-watering planters and what specific features you should look for like UV-resistance.

Featured Container Gardens

Make a great statement for visitors to your home with an edible ornamental planter. In this photo, four Cubico self-watering planters flank the steps leading up to the main entrance. Up top are two black Cubico 40 planters with lemongrass and tumbling tom tomatoes. In front of these are two Cubico 30 planters with violas and scotch bonnet peppers.

Two large Balconera planters were installed in a Brampton townhouse on a South-facing balcony. Along with an EarthBox, these planters were used to grow a variety of Asian vegetables and herbs throughout the summer growing season. The railing mounting accessory provided easy access to easily access the greens and added colour to the balcony without taking up valuable floor real estate.

Three EarthBoxes was setup on a backyard deck in midtown Toronto. Because of the large trees nearby and orientation of the house, the deck was selected as the sunniest spot available, and also being closest to the kitchen. This picture was taken mid summer as the 2 tomato plants were beginning to flower and produce a bounty of cherry tomatoes. Wheels on the bottom of each box allowed them to be easily moved aside while entertaining or enjoying a dinner al fresco.

Imagine waking up to the sight of fresh produce glistening with the morning dew? That’s exactly what this family in midtown Toronto decided to do with a setup of 14 EarthBoxes. Perfect for hot crops like tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers, we can’t think of a better way to start your day than with a few freshly picked herbs and tomatoes for breakfast.

Red Cararo Planter with Rosemary

This self-watering Cararo planter comes on rollers for easy mobility and in a range of striking colours. Here, the scarlet red high gloss version contracts beautifully with a lush planting of rosemary. It is easy to roll indoors over the winter and to enjoy fresh herbs all 12 months of the year.

Limited outdoor space didn’t stop this us from setting up a series of EarthBoxes at a Thornhill  townhouse. Located just outside the front door, kale, herbs and tomatoes could be picked while dashing off to work or arriving home to create a delicious home-cooked meal.

In Ground Gardens

In-ground gardens offer excellent long term value. While they typically take more time and effort to initially dig and prepare the soil (especially if it is heavy clay soil), once setup they can be used for many years to grow lots of delicious produce. In-ground gardens are perfect for perennials, larger edibles like butternut squash, as well as fruit trees and bushes. They can be configured to almost any size and shape, providing opportunities for flexibility and customization.

Featured In Ground Gardens

Because of the high visibility of this gardening spot, a colourful aromatic garden theme was chosen for this spot filled with beautiful flowers and pungent herbs including elderberry, lavender, sage, thyme, mint, and oregano.

In this Scarborough backyard, multiple beds were created to grow lots of produce to eat fresh, preserve, and enjoy at the family restaurant. Despite the large size, 4’x10′ beds divided up the garden in a smaller and more manageable sections.

This enclosed backyard garden features a large growing area with 4′ wide beds and narrow paths designed to maximize production with just enough space to move between rows.

Succession planting of greens and root vegetables meant fresh salads and homecooked vegetables could be enjoyed throughout the entire growing season.

This midtown Toronto backyard utilized a relatively small growing area to plant a wide range of plants. The majority of the planting was set aside for larger tomato and squash plants, and climbing plants like beans and cucumbers were planted to grow up along the chain link fence.

This garden was planted for a family wanting to get their kids involved more active outdoors. Two in-ground beds of 4’x10′ were setup to accommodate various greens, herbs, and tomatoes, while the bean teepee provided a fun structure for the kids to play around and to harvest the beans after they reach maturity.

This backyard in the Agincourt neighbourhood of Scarborough was setup for a vegetarian athlete. A heavy emphasis was placed on growing greens and root vegetables for juices and smoothies.

Who says gardens need to have rigid lines and angles? Soften the lines with  less formal curving style garden.

This was another project for a family who wanted to teach their children where food comes from and how it is grown. The garden was setup close to the house right against the deck for easy access and easy harvesting.

Love basil and herbs? We can grow a whole patch of basil to enjoy pesto and pasta with enough left over to freeze and enjoy all winter long.

More Information on Home/Townhouse Gardens

These are just a few examples of how we can help you with a residential house/townhouse garden. We’ve featured a number of examples to inspire you and provide you with various ideas how you can incorporate a garden into your own residential setting.

To get a garden for your own home, you can request a consultation to get personalized recommendations and advice, or order online if you already know what you want to grow.

After installation, we can also help you with keeping your garden properly maintained throughout the season including watering, weeding, general maintenance, end of season cleanup, season extension, and more.