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This page outlines our garden coaching processes and the different options that are included in our service packages. If you’re looking for information on what kind of gardens this can be applied to, are ready to shop for edible gardening products, or want to book a consultation, click on the links below.

On-Site Coaching Overview

Receive timely, experienced, and expert advice to help you with your gardening challenges and to become a better gardener and grow more great produce.

Gardens take a continual effort over the course of the growing season (sometimes multiple seasons) to ensure great yields on both a short- and long-term basis. Sometimes we get stuck and need a bit of extra help on things like natural pest control, weed and plant identification, soil improvement techniques, companion planting advice, composting, seed saving, pruning and staking, harvesting tips, general garden improvement, and more.

Just like the best artists, athletes, and professionals get coaching and training, let us help you take your garden to the next level. Here is what’s included in our On-Site Coaching Packages

In Garden Checkup and Diagnostic

Notes on soil profile, health and vitality of plants, signs of pest infestation, and overall garden profile.

Post-Checkup Gardening Report

Written report with action-oriented feedback with areas of improvement prioritized by time and level of importance.

Follow-Up Phone Session

Scheduled within 2 weeks of your coaching appointment, this 15 minute phone session will help you answer your followup and implementation questions that typically arise. It can also be used for additional support and guidance on other issues that may not have been covered during the main session.

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