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This page outlines our garden setup process and methodology we use for new and existing gardens, covering things like site preparation, seeding and transplanting information, our vegetable growing guide, and photos of previous garden setups. Garden setup is included with all of our raised bed and in-ground garden purchases. If you’re looking for information on our what we do, are ready to shop for edible gardening products, or to book a consultation, click on the links below.

Garden Foundations

A strong foundation is essential to any project and for your garden, essential for the long-term growth and health of the plants. At Young Urban Farmers, that means we start with choosing the most suitable spot for the garden and the best soil mix and growing media we can find – our YUF Custom Soil Blend. Made from organic worm castings, peat, and perlite, this mixture is rich in nutrients, has very good moisture retention while still having excellent drainage, and provides an excellent all-around growing media for all of your plants. We use it in all our raised beds and in-ground gardens, and use a very similar, though slightly lighter weight potting-soil mix for our container gardens.

Our soil comes in large tote bags on a wooden skid for simple no-mess delivery.

YUF Custom Soil Blend ready in one of our 24″ tall raised beds

Site Preparation

Site preparation is simple and straightforward with raised beds and container gardens. Sometimes, additional work will be required to level off an area or to prune back existing plants to ensure easy access for the raised bed or container. We then add our custom soil blend and are ready for planting.

For in-ground gardens, the process can be a bit more challenging depending on existing conditions. For example, removing sod/grass and double digging a garden area can be a vigorous and labour-intensive process. Despite the work, proper preparation is the best way to get the garden area ready for intensive growing and can be thought of as an investment in the long-term health of the soil, the plants, and the garden.

In-ground garden setup can also include removing existing plants, digging out larger tree/shrub roots, and working carefully around irrigation lines. Each in-ground project is unique, and we often don’t know exactly how long this process will take until we the work has been most or completely finished. We do everything we can to provide an accurate estimate for the work being done, but sometimes additional time and labour may be required.

Next, soil amendments like our YUF Custom Soil Mix, organic fertilizers, and stale seed bed preparations are used to get the in-ground area ready to support the vigorous growth of vegetables.

Finally, mulched pathways, row covers, and irrigation lines can be added to minimize weeding, deter pests, and make the next steps of garden maintenance easier.

In the spring and fall, dead plant matter is removed and garden beds are prepared for planting.

For larger projects, a rototiller is used to speed up the process and prep the garden area.

Hand tools are used for many gardens to get a clean edge and for beds of unusual shapes.

Double digging loosens the soil structure, improves drainage, and is a boon especially for hard compacted and heavy clay soils.

Seeding and Transplanting

Once the area is prepped, we can start planting the garden. Using the best quality seeds and seedlings (small started plants), our team of gardeners will ensure the proper spacing and planting depth for your garden. Sometimes this is done all at once, however this can also be done in stages to ensure a staggered harvest, especially when it comes to greens and root vegetables.

Most of our plant varieties come as seedlings, however some plants like peas, beans, and root vegetables like carrots grow best when direct seeded in their final growing spot.

For our seeds, we buy exclusively from Canadian suppliers, and never buy GMO seeds. Whenever possible, we use certified organic seeds. We use a combination of both heirloom and hybrid seeds. The seeds are selected for specific characteristics including taste/flavour, disease resistance, productivity and suitability for urban environments.

For transplants, we start almost all of our transplants in a commercial greenhouse just a bit North of Toronto. We use our own seeds, with seeding starting in early March and continuing throughout May so that the plants are ready for the start of the outdoor gardening season. This way, we can be sure to have excellent quality seedlings of the specific varieties we want to grow that would be very difficult if not impossible to find anywhere else.

All seeds and transplants are planted with care and attention to detail including proper spacing and planting depth.

Spinach transplants ready for early season growing

Garlic chive seedlings at the greenhouse

Edible flowers and other bedding plants are also grown here.

YUF Growing Guide

For all of our garden setup customers, we include a digital copy of our edible growing guide. Updated every year, this guide covers all the basics when it comes to growing including watering instructions, natural pest control remedies, harvesting guidelines, and more.

Sample Garden Setups

Here are a few more pictures from some of our past garden setups. You can click on individual photos for a larger viewing size.

Learn More About YUF Garden Setups

Each person has their own unique preferences when it comes to their garden. That’s why we encourage those who are serious about their garden to request a consultation where we can speak with you more about helping you grow outstanding produce and feel great about growing the freshest, most local, and most delicious veg possible.