Spiders can be a common sight in the garden. According to one website spiders.us, there are 29 species that live in Ontario and over 4,000 known species across North America. Despite many people’s fear and apprehension around spiders, especially if found inside your home, spiders are an overall great beneficial insect to have in your garden.

Spiders kill a lot more harmful or “bad” insects than you may realize including ticks, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and midges, and are almost never a threat to humans. Chances are if you are militant about eradicating spiders, you’ll be providing an easier habitat for the bugs you don’t want and a chance for them to thrive.

Most spiders are not dangerous and are great hunters and predators with some experts believing them to be more efficient in controlling pests than many birds. While they may also kill and trap some beneficial insects, the net result of spiders is usually positive.

So next time you see a spider in your garden – and chances are good your garden already provides a good habitat for them – leave them be and rest assured they are hard at work helping eliminate all of the “bad” insects from your garden instead.

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