So you’ve decided to incorporate plants into your interior space! Whether it is furnishing a space with plants for the first time or adding to an existing selection, we’ve put together a couple tips on how you can best use plants in your home or office to bring colour, and new life to your space.

1. Choose the Right Plant for the Right Spot
This is the most important aspect when it comes to a successful indoor garden. Understanding a plant’s needs when it comes to light, average temperature, and growth habit is the first step. Two of our favourite recommendations for easy to care for low-maintenance plants are aloe and snake plant. You can call/email us for a consultation or visit your local garden centre to talk to the staff for their recommendations if you need some additional information.

2. Choose a Focal Point
Use your plants as a focal point for areas like the front entrance, atrium, or lobby. Keep in mind the perspective of where people will generally be viewing the plants from as you decide on which plant(s) will be the center of attention. Often plants are neglected when planning an interior design, so creating a focal point of plants can make a big statement in your indoor space.

3. Use Plants as a Natural Screen for Privacy and Sound Dampening
Taller and bushier plants can be used as a natural screen or privacy or for sound dampening. Instead of a wall panel or divider, think of achieving the same results with plants. You can group multiple plants together or choose a larger planter with a trellis to support tall and climbing plants.

4. Add Color
Plants can add extra colour to your interior space through unique leaves and flowers. Also, don’t forget about the container the plant is in as you can experiment with unique and bold colours for your planters. Often changing the colour of your containers is a quick and easy way to make a big difference when remodelling or changing the look and appearance of your indoor plants.

5. Use Coasters and Stands
Coasters can allow for easy movement along flat floors and carpets, with many coasters coming wth wheels and casters attached. This is great especially for large open areas where you may want to adjust the space to suit your needs. In addition, stands can raise the height of plants and add a different dimension in terms of layers of heights, differences in materials, and a sense of depth to the planting area.

Plants can bring life, energy, colour, and warmth to your indoor space. We hope these tips have given you some inspiration to add more plants, start growing, or get re-inspired to grow more indoors.

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